Egg export

Egg export

Export table eggs from Turkey

  • Eggs are characterized by their multiple and infinite benefits that we all need to maintain a pure healthy life, free from the need for several vitamins.
    And because we seek to satisfy you and preserve your health..we have provided you with the best types of Turkish table eggs of high quality and nutritional value that are comparable to all types of eggs globally, in white and brown colors..made from the best poultry farms in Turkey
  • We are working on exporting to all Arab countries, including:
    (Saudi Arabia-Qatar-Bahrain-Palestine-Libya….etc)
    Turkish table eggs are exported in all required quantities, whether white or brown eggs

* Speaking of chicken health… when needed on an ongoing basis
* Timely delivery on it directly from the factory or the port.. Confirming the order, processing it, and continuing with the buyer until delivery.

Packaging :

  • Turkish table egg trays are kept in a carton to preserve it during transportation, loading and unloading operations..
  • * We also provide a customized service. Turkish egg dishes are kept with reinforced plastic covers to preserve them more. A trademark of the importing company is placed and printed at a specific special request from the importing company or according to a special request from the buyer so that we give you all the attention and care for the arrival of the request in a complete form, image and quality as we used to

Available Sizes : Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

Packaging : Dishes are packed in a cardboard box for safe transportation, and packaging is done on request

Weight : Small Size Weight = 48 gr per egg , Medium Size Weight = 53>62 gr per egg , Large Size Weight = 63>72 gr per egg , xLarge Size Weight = 73 gr per egg

Minimum Order : 20 box

Capacity : 100 box

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