Gulenim Trade
A unique experience in the world of investment and trade
Export of restaurant & kitchen equipment
Export of natural cosmetics
Export of Turkish bags and leather
Turkish clothing export
A unique experience in the world of investment and trade
Export of Turkish furniture and furnishings
Export of Turkish vegetables and fruits


Trust and accurate dates.

Trust and accurate dates

We sell all Turkish products from raw materials, construction, food and agricultural products in huge quantities, competitive prices and high quality to save you the trouble of searching and waiting long times with the possibility of delivering all your requests to any port in the world and any country in which you are located.

Various Products

We reach the East & West

We reach the East & West

A unique diversity in the list of products you are looking for to support your trade, you can find in our company from A to Z, building materials, medical materials, food, clothing, agricultural materials, technology, cars and semi-manufactured materials with the provision of your brand service on the product to be purchased

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Our company is accredited and registered with the Turkish government and documented in the tax departments as an exporting company to all parts of the world. We have many customers around the world. We also have reliability in different banks and with official and legal contracts that guarantee the rights of our customers.

About Gulenim Trade

Gulenim Trade always strives to be distinguished in the world of business, import, export and shipping services and to be a driving force for its customers to achieve more success and continuous profit, God willing, and this is done through continuous diligent work to provide innovative solutions, upgrading our cadres, breaking into new areas and adding more services to Our list of services is expanding daily in order to cover all your needs and in cooperation with international companies to reach the ends of the East and the West in a very short time commensurate with your needs.

Our Products

Turkish Hazelnut

The finest Turkish hazelnuts

Turkish hazelnut export: The Turkish hazelnut is distinguished by its excellent quality, which is known worldwide. Turkey is one of the main exporters of

Capacity : Unlimted

Minimum Order : Unlimted

Export and sale of Turkish furniture

Our best Turkish furniture

Export and sale of Turkish furniture and home furniture of all kinds from the most famous Turkish brands and customized according to demand, made

Capacity : Unlimted

Minimum Order : 20 box

Exporting kitchen and restaurant equipment made of chrome and stainless steel

High specification and performance

Exporting kitchen and restaurant equipment made of chrome and stainless steel according to international and health approved specifications, with the provision of a tailor-made

Capacity : Unlimted

Minimum Order : 20 box

Make-up Products

The best Turkish makeup

Make-up Products A variety of high quality international and Turkish make-up products, with different shades, shapes, sizes and brushes of high quality and guaranteed

Capacity : Unlimted

Minimum Order : 20 box

Natural Cosmetics Products

Enjoy unlimited trading possibilities

Natural Cosmetics Products We offer an irreplaceable opportunity at special prices for large quantities of Turkish natural cosmetics that are internationally known for their

Capacity : Unlimted

Minimum Order : 20 box

Egg export

The best types of white and brown Turkish eggs

Export table eggs from Turkey Eggs are characterized by their multiple and infinite benefits that we all need to maintain a pure healthy life,

Capacity : 100 box

Minimum Order : 20 box

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We reach all over the world


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