Chicken products in Turkey 2022

Chicken products in Turkey

Learn about the mechanism of importing manufactured chicken and poultry products from Turkey, with other details about import conditions, and the development of the livestock sector in Turkey through the exchange of international trade.
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How has the livestock sector in Turkey developed over the years?
What distinguishes the poultry farming and industry in Turkey?
What are the most important processed poultry products that can be imported from Turkey
How to import chicken products from Turkey
Average Prices of Chicken Products in Turkey (Wholesale)
Ways and conditions for importing chicken products from Turkey
How does the exchange company help you in importing chicken products from Turkey?

How has the livestock sector in Turkey developed over the years?

Livestock is part of the agricultural sector in Turkey. It is concerned with raising, using and marketing animals of economic value in different ways, and includes raising livestock such as (poultry, cows, calf, buffalo, horses).

The livestock sector in Turkey has developed with the unremitting efforts made by the Turkish government over the past years, by evaluating the best capabilities of its livestock in the best way.

In order to improve the livestock breeds in Turkey, it was necessary to consciously expand the scope of animal health through training activities for farmers, to give necessary medical and health care to livestock, to increase incentives to expand health insurance in the field of animal husbandry, and to reclaim grasslands that are the main component of the diet Animals and their protection.

The concerned authorities in Turkey have also worked to expand livestock breeding and barns and prevent early slaughter, and have contributed to increasing the production of fodder and foods that animals mainly feed on.

The measures taken by the state in this field have contributed to the development of the livestock sector and the increase in the number of livestock in Turkey, which is confirmed by the statement of the head of the Central Union of Sheep and Goat Breeding in Turkey, Mr. Nihat Celik, that the number of sheep and goats in the country exceeded 57 million during the year 2021.

On the other hand, turkey meat production increased by 15.2%, and chicken meat production by 14.3% during the first two months of the current year 2022, as the production of chicken meat in Turkey reached 180,53 tons, while the production of chicken eggs reached 1.56 billion eggs during the mentioned period.
What distinguishes the poultry farming and industry in Turkey?

The poultry farming and industry sector in Turkey is characterized by the following:

The presence of the strong and solid ground that contributes to poultry farming in Turkey.
Provides ideal conditions that guarantee the success of animal breeding projects in the Turkish states.
The spread of lands and geographical areas that are suitable for establishing projects related to animal husbandry in various Turkish states, especially in the regions of Central Anatolia and the regions of the Marmara Sea and the Aegean Sea.
The developments in the livestock sectors, which led to a significant increase in livestock in the country.
The use of healthy foods and foods approved according to international standards in raising livestock.
Using modern technologies that contribute to the development of the livestock and poultry industry in Turkey.
The ease of importing from Turkey and exporting abroad, and the great value it adds to the Turkish economy.

Chicken products in Turkey
What are the most important processed poultry products that can be imported from Turkey

Poultry farming is the most advanced and open to technology in the livestock sector, at the same time it is the biggest trump card in the world in filling the shortage of animal protein.

Poultry products manufactured in Turkey are characterized by their high nutritional value, low cost, ease of production, preparation and import from Turkey. The most important animal products that can be exported from Turkey are the following:

Mortadella and sausages of all kinds, fresh, frozen and canned.
Fresh, frozen and canned chicken and turkey meat.
All materials prepared from chicken products of all kinds and forms, fresh, frozen and canned.

How to import chicken products from Turkey

As we mentioned earlier in this article, the regions of central Anatolia and the Marmara region are the main incubator in which livestock is abundant in general and poultry farming is active in particular, as there are many factories, poultry houses and investment projects in the states of Manisa, Sakarya and Afyon Kerhasar.

What encourages the establishment of such investment projects from poultry houses and farms is the availability of the appropriate conditions for them, such as the appropriate atmosphere, geographical area, and the necessary tools for such projects.

Which confirms the data that we mentioned in this article, the numbers and statistics issued by the Directorate of Poultry Breeding, which refer to the first 5 states concerned with poultry farming in Turkey:

Manisa with 43 million and 905 thousand and 636 birds.
Balikesir with 34 million 506 thousand 681 birds.
Sakarya with 28 million and 656 thousand and 326 birds.
Polo with 25 million and 733 thousand 548 birds.
Afyon Karahisar with 19 million and 108 thousand and 151 birds.

In addition, there are many factories that are spread in central Anatolia in general and Istanbul in particular, and are interested in supplying all kinds of frozen, canned and fresh meat and processed poultry products to the countries of the Middle East and the European Union.
Average Prices of Chicken Products in Turkey (Wholesale)

You can contact the representatives of the Exchange International Trading Company in order to know full details about the prices of wholesale chicken products in Turkey, as well as more details about the available products and shipping methods.
Ways and conditions for importing chicken products from Turkey

Chicken products can be imported from Turkey in 3 ways:

Coming to Turkey and looking for safe resources and


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